Mind the System, Find the Gap

Exhibition identity for Z33 that is characterised by a set of strict rules. By refusing to give in on these rules, the weaknesses of the design system are systematically exposed. By working with, or deliberately refusing standard conventions, the design seeks to question the graphic medium and form as part of a system as well as to elaborate on the traditional structures and systems of graphic design, in line with the exhibition theme.

Photo by Kristof Vrancken

To escape the system of traditional mass production in print, the exhibition catalogues are made one of a kind. By manually stencilling, stamping and numbering each copy becomes unique but in the end it becomes part of another system.

Photo by Kristof Vrancken

Photo by Kristof Vrancken

'Tablescape' Christiane Högner


Niek Kosten is a design researcher, teacher and independent graphic designer from Belgium.

He is part of the research group Social Spaces (LUCA School of Arts) where he is currently working on his PhD. At LUCA School of Arts – Campus C-mine in Genk, Kosten teaches in the fields of critical design, public space and graphic design at the Interaction Design & Game Design program. He is also co-founder of KOPIJ, a graphic workspace in Hasselt and creates self-initiated and commissioned works that critically explore societal issues as an independent designer.